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Additional Covers to Deliberate on for Your Home Insurance Policy

Buying a house and making it a home is not a small feat. This process takes time and will also consume a considerable amount of resources as you purchase items for the various rooms in your home as well as for yourself and your loved ones. Not to mention gifts that you will receive over the years. If you are keen on keeping your house and the valuables inside it protected from undue damage and theft, you are likely contemplating purchasing a home insurance cover.

But while some people will prioritize items such as electronics, large appliances, and more, you should know that you could take out additional covers to ensure that your home insurance is all-encompassing. Also referred to as riders, here are some additional covers that you can deliberate on for your home insurance policy.

1. Instruments

Admittedly, if you play a musical instrument professionally, you are likely covered by your musical company so you may not need to take out additional insurance coverage to keep it protected from theft or damage. However, if you or your kids play instruments as a pastime, you should opt for an additional rider in your home insurance policy.

Musical instruments, more so well-known brand names, tend to be quite expensive. Thus, if your child loses interest, you could plan to sell the instrument down the road to recoup the money you spent. If you do not invest in supplemental coverage for the instrument and it's damaged or stolen, you will not get any compensation and lose your investment.

2. Scheduled personal property

As stated earlier, a home insurance policy will provide you with coverage for your valuables. Nonetheless, some homeowners do not know that this coverage will only be for a specific amount of money. Hence, say your coverage is up to a thousand dollars but the value of the items is worth more than that, the compensation may not be adequate for you to replace the stolen or damaged belongings.

To prevent this from happening, you should consider taking out a scheduled personal property rider. This cover will increase the fiscal coverage of specific items that you want to be protected. These items could include oriental rugs, antique furniture, family heirlooms, and more. You can even request your insurance provider to amend the home insurance policy to include risks such as losing these items, for example, if you travel with one of these belongings.

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