2 Things That Can Cause Your Auto Insurance To Increase

While auto insurance is required in many states to drive a car, you may not understand what determines those insurance premium rates. They can sometimes increase without you fully understanding why it is happening. Here are some reasons that insurance premiums can change over time. You Start Driving More Miles When you first got your insurance, you may have given an estimate of how many miles you drive per month. This is based on your average commute to work every day and how often you travel by car. [Read More]

3 Changes To Your Home That Can Boost Your Insurance Rate

When you're thinking about adding something new to your home, you're considering how it might benefit your family, save money or even boost the resale value of the property. In many cases, you won't be thinking about how the change you could implement might affect your home insurance rate. While many house-related changes won't have any impact on your rate at all, there are others that can cause the rate to climb – often because there's a dangerous side to the change you're about to make. [Read More]

To Add Or Not To Add Your Boyfriend To Your Auto Insurance

Gaining a boyfriend means gaining companionship in many ways. You now have someone to go on dates with, have adventures, and share a large portion of your life. Having a boyfriend may also mean that you have someone that you are responsible for. If you and your boyfriend often stay at each other's homes, it is a good idea to add one another to your insurance policies. If you two are considering driving one another's cars, even on occasion, here are some reasons you should add or not add your boyfriend to your insurance. [Read More]

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Need For Your Home Based Business?

It doesn't matter if your home based business is large or small, you need coverage for it. Your home insurance policy may not cover any eventualities that stem from a business-related incident. That means you have to find protection yourself. Why You Need Some Form of Commercial Insurance In the pursuit of a profit, anything can happen. If someone hurts themselves on your property during your monthly garage sale, what do you think will happen? [Read More]