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To Add Or Not To Add Your Boyfriend To Your Auto Insurance

Gaining a boyfriend means gaining companionship in many ways. You now have someone to go on dates with, have adventures, and share a large portion of your life. Having a boyfriend may also mean that you have someone that you are responsible for. If you and your boyfriend often stay at each other's homes, it is a good idea to add one another to your insurance policies. If you two are considering driving one another's cars, even on occasion, here are some reasons you should add or not add your boyfriend to your insurance.

Not to add: If you are both underage

If you and your boyfriend are experience what your parents call puppy love, it is likely that you are both under the age of 25. Under 25 for women and under 27 for men mean that you will have high auto insurance rates. If your boyfriend is under the age of 27, it would be a good idea to skip adding him to your insurance. If your boyfriend happens to be an older man, this may actually help to take down your auto insurance rates.

Add: If he is handsome and wealthy

While your significant other being handsome is just a bonus, a wealthy boyfriend can also give you the gift of lower auto insurance. Most wealthy people will live in zip codes with lower crime and higher security. Whether he lives in a wealthy suburb or in the city with a doorman and guarded parking, combining your insurance policies can save you a lot of money.

Not to add: If he is a speed demon

Even if you are helping your boyfriend put his old habits behind him, an auto insurance record follows you for a few years. It can follow you even longer if you have points placed on your license and have received any sort of suspension. This means that your auto coverage may increase significantly by adding him as a driver or allowing him to drive your car. If your boyfriend has had issues in the last few years with having a lead foot or being irresponsible on the road, wait until his record is reset before placing him on your insurance.

Add: If you are moving in together

If you are in the midst of a whirlwind romance and you plan to move in with your significant other, don't forget to take care of business first. Part of this business is adding your boyfriend to your coverage. Chances are good that once you move in together you will drive one another's cars, at least occasionally. Most automobile insurance agency policies will require all licensed drivers in the home to be listed on your auto coverage. Once you have made the decision to move in together, add each other to your auto insurance immediately.

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